Hydraulic and electronic pump units

Hydraulic and electronic pump units for passenger lifts and elevators

Pump units for passenger lifts using electronic valves, featuring a very low noise and a very high level of comfort during operation.
They offer a higher efficiency and an energy saving of up to 30% when compared to traditional pump units installed on short travel systems.

  • Compact structure
  • Pump placement designed to optimise quantity of oil used
  • Pump mounted on dumpers
  • The electronic valve, by modulating flows and timings, transfers less heat to oil during operation: significant energy saving
  • The electronic valve compensates oil viscosity variations due to changes in temperature: smooth and constant performance is guaranteed
  • Easy maintenance of the valve section; the valve is ideal for high traffic installations
  • Very accurate control of leveling to floor
  • External interception valve with integrated filter can be moved to ease connection from each side: layout design becomes very simple
  • Hand pump for emergency upwards travel is integrated in the valve group, in an easily accessible position. A remotely controlled version is also available
  • Can be placed in a cabinet, with connection on the left or on the right, both in the from side or in the back side
  • Wide range of models which covers any application (from 55 to 600 l/min., from 4.8 to 58.8 kW)
  • Available in an optional version using a heat resistant drive
  • Extended range of models can be supplied upon specific request

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