H-MRL hydraulic system in cabinet

The Compact hydraulic system for elevators in cabinet MRL for machine roomless

With this solution is possible to install the hydraulic system for elevators in cabinet in a standard control panel, without machine room necessary.

  • Compact system designed for buildings without machine room
  • Fast assembly
  • Easy mantenance
  • High standard quality to garantee comfort and efficiency
  • Pump units HM, HE, HI, HC
  • Tanks from 40 to 320/S
  • Motors from 22 to 29,4 kW
  • Pumps from 25 to 300 l/min
  • Dimensions cabinets (PxLxA – mm) :  410x730x1550, 520x800x1550, 400x900x2100, 580x1120x2100
  • Custom colors and dimensions
  • Inverter solution to garantee maximum energy saving

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