OMARLIFT.STORE – 100% omarlift spare parts

The need to make up for the distances imposed for the first time at the outbreak of the pandemic has quickly turned into a massive digitalization of work. A necessary step in order to be able to guarantee the performance of the usual job also from different workstations than the office.

The introduction of the remote working mode with the predominant objective of protecting the health of each worker, avoiding creating situations of risk to their health, has quickly become a basic resource. Thereafter, this aspect was implemented so that each company could guarantee the quality of its work to its customers.

Le nuove esigenze hanno aperto la strada a nuove opportunità e con questa premessa, è con piacere introdurre la nuova piattaforma eCommerce, avviata in piena operatività da gennaio 2022.

The ambition of the project is to be able to guarantee the main spare parts to all customers, manufacturers, installers, maintainers of the elevator sector that meet the Omarlift hydraulic components, without slowing their work or risking to block people with motor difficulties inside their homes. Cause yes, nowadays the elevator has become a real means of transport that confers a dignified level of independence.

Once logged in, you will be asked the main data for the invoice, the steps are simple, the payments are secure and to facilitate this delicate moment, we have been added several methods as like bank transfer, credit card or Pay Pall. The shipment is guaranteed within 24-48h from the confirmation of payment and thanks to the DHL service associated with the Shopfy platform, we were also able to connect to almost the entire world.

Never forgetting that behind every digitization there is a performing team, glad to remain available for all the appropriate support. For any information or questions about, feel free to contact us at