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We provide support in lifts installation and maintenance, and in supplying all their components.

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If you have a problem to activate the hand pump: close the shut-off valve, unscrew with CH5 Allen key the vent screw on the left side of the lever. Quickly activate the hand pump lever, until the oil comes out from the screw without air and lock the screw. See the catalogue at 5.10.3 or in the manual at 8.2.8 chapter
Check whether voltage is reduced on the EVR coil, unscrew the screw number 5 the deceleration
Unscrew the screw number 7, check the deceleration coil EVR is disconnected at the proper distance from the floor. See the manual at 10.11/7 chapter
Try increasing the slow speed (adjust screw n2 or the software setting if there is a inverter unit), check that the cylinder is perfectly vertical and parallel to the guides, check that cylinder and circuit are air free, check that pressure keeps over 10 bar. See manual at 10.11/8 chapter
Check for any leakages in the valves unit, deep the topic in the manual at 10.2.3 chapter
Check the shat-off valve is closed, verify that the EVD coil is energized, if a HDU valve is used, check that both of the descent EVD and EVD-HDU coils are energized, check that screw n. 11 (HDU valve) is unscrewed and the pressure on the gauge is not null, verify the setting of screw number 8. See the manual at 10.11/4 chapter
Check the rod surface throughout its length, empty the tank and check how much time is needed to leak one litre (or after how many trips), check whether the cylinder is properly aligned. To change the seals see the manual at 10.3 and 10.10.3 for the telescopic cylinders
Check the descent speed, verify the parameters correspondence between the intervention flow upon the rupture valve and the nominal speed l/m of the pump unit
Check that the EVR coil is energized, verify that VRF piston is not blocked: remove the flange supporting the screw n6. Check that the cylinder and the completely unthreaded rod are pallel to the guides all along the length, check the maximum pressure level (overpressure) by adjusting screw n. 1. See the manual at 10.11/2-3-6
Use the procedure described in the manual at 5.3 and in the catalogue at 5.11.4
Check screw n. 7 is open and if there is also screw n. 10. Verify the EVS and EVR coil are energized. See the manual at 10.11/1 chapter

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